Interface yii\authclient\StateStorageInterface

Implemented byyii\authclient\CacheStateStorage, yii\authclient\SessionStateStorage
Available since version2.1
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StateStorageInterface is an interface for Auth client state storage.

Herein 'state' means a named variable, which is persistent between different requests.

Note: in order to function correctly state storage should vary depending on application session, e.g. different web users should not share state with the same name.

Public Methods

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Method Description Defined By
get() Returns the state variable value with the variable name. yii\authclient\StateStorageInterface
remove() Removes a state variable. yii\authclient\StateStorageInterface
set() Adds a state variable. yii\authclient\StateStorageInterface

Method Details

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get() public abstract method

Returns the state variable value with the variable name.

public abstract mixed get ( $key )
$key string

The variable name

return mixed

The variable value, or null if the variable does not exist.

                public function get($key);

remove() public abstract method

Removes a state variable.

public abstract boolean remove ( $key )
$key string

The name of the variable to be removed

return boolean


                public function remove($key);

set() public abstract method

Adds a state variable.

If the specified name already exists, the old value will be overwritten.

public abstract void set ( $key, $value )
$key string

Variable name

$value mixed

Variable value

                public function set($key, $value);