Interface yii\filters\auth\AuthInterface

Implemented byyii\filters\auth\AuthMethod, yii\filters\auth\CompositeAuth, yii\filters\auth\HttpBasicAuth, yii\filters\auth\HttpBearerAuth, yii\filters\auth\HttpHeaderAuth, yii\filters\auth\QueryParamAuth
Available since version2.0
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AuthInterface is the interface that should be implemented by auth method classes.

Public Methods

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Method Description Defined By
authenticate() Authenticates the current user. yii\filters\auth\AuthInterface
challenge() Generates challenges upon authentication failure. yii\filters\auth\AuthInterface
handleFailure() Handles authentication failure. yii\filters\auth\AuthInterface

Method Details

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authenticate() public abstract method

Authenticates the current user.

public abstract yii\web\IdentityInterface|null authenticate ( $user, $request, $response )
$user yii\web\User
$request yii\web\Request
$response yii\web\Response
return yii\web\IdentityInterface|null

The authenticated user identity. If authentication information is not provided, null will be returned.

throws yii\web\UnauthorizedHttpException

if authentication information is provided but is invalid.

                public function authenticate($user, $request, $response);

challenge() public abstract method

Generates challenges upon authentication failure.

For example, some appropriate HTTP headers may be generated.

public abstract void challenge ( $response )
$response yii\web\Response

                public function challenge($response);

handleFailure() public abstract method

Handles authentication failure.

The implementation should normally throw UnauthorizedHttpException to indicate authentication failure.

public abstract void handleFailure ( $response )
$response yii\web\Response
throws yii\web\UnauthorizedHttpException

                public function handleFailure($response);